BrasilAgro already joins the New Market, showing its commitment to investors by offering higher transparency and voluntarily submitting to the highest level of B3’s corporate governance requirements. Moreover, BrasilAgro is a typical corporation whose control is pulverized and interests are in line with those of investors, among other things, working via stock-base remuneration.

Some of the New Market requirements:

  • To perform share public offerings through mechanisms benefiting the distribution of capital;
  • To maintain outstanding a minimum portion of shares representing 25% of the capital;
  • To extend to all shareholders the same conditions obtained by the controlling shareholders upon the sale of Company’s share control (tag along);
  • limiting the mandate of all the members of BrasilAgro┬┤s Board of Directors to a maximum of 2 years, the Board to consist of at least 5 members, 20% of whom independent;
  • To make available annual balance sheet in compliance with the US GAAP or IFRS;
  • To introduce improvements to the information rendered on a quarterly basis, among which, the requirement of consolidating the financial statements and an audit special review;
  • To mandatorily conduct an offering for the purchase of all outstanding shares, by the economic value, in the event of capital closing or deregistering for trading at the New Market;
  • To inform about trading involving assets and derivatives issued by the Company, on the part of the controlling shareholders or the Company’s managers;
  • To adhere to the Market Arbitration Panel to solve corporate conflicts.

Inserted into the New Market, BrasilAgro has an excellent opportunity to raise capital at competitive costs, offering more security to investors in terms of long-term investment.